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I have assumed charge of Director General -FS,CD & HG on 27th September, 2016. It is indeed a rare honor and pride to head the organizations dedicated to Selfless Service to the community and the noble task of protecting lives and property In the event of natural calamities,manmade disasters internal security and law & order situations. 

Fire Services, Civil Defence and Home Guards are primarily mandated for protecting the community in the event of any kind of disaster situation. They ensure the safety of the civilian population as first responders at an accident spot or site of natural calamity by providing first-aid and communication. Their role and functions are very crucial in any emergency to provide fire fighting, in addition to rescue, relief and rehabilitation. Creating public awareness and community capacity building for disaster preparedness is another important task being performed by their organizations.

Our volunteers and paid officers of Fire Services, Civil Defence and Home Guard have dedicated their selfless service to the nation. It is with a great sense of satisfaction and gratitude that I must say that citizens of this great country have always come forward to help their fellow beings during any crisis of any kind willingly and wholeheartedly. The spirit of volunteerism has been exhibited time and again by the common man to provide support and relief to the victims of disasters in the past and I am sure that they will continue to do so, albeit with more zeal and vigour.

In order to achieve the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India, I am very pleased to inform that Office of DG-FS, CD & HG has digitized the process of receipt of Application for various types of Medals awarded to Fire Service, Civil Defence and Home Guards Personnel in this website.

I would also like to sincerely thank all civil protection personnel, rescuers and firefighters for their unity and solidarity, as well as for their courage and continued readiness to defend the interests of the civilian population.

 I am confident that we will be meeting all the challenges with utmost caution and dedication in future to uphold our mottos of the Fire Services “We serve to save”, Civil Defence “Sarva Bhute Hiteh Ratah” and Home guards “Nishkam Sewa” to keep India Safe.

Welcome to the Website of DG-FS, CD & HGs, New Delhi.

  Best Wishes,

 (Prakash Mishra)

 Director General- FS, CD & HG