आग सेवा सप्ताह का पालन


  • 1. SFAC recommended at the first meeting that a fire prevention week should be observed all over India, simultaneous once annually, preferably before the Diwali Week. They recommended the formation of State-wide Fire Prevention Week Committees for organizing and implementing the activities of the week and suggested guide-lines. The recommendations were implemented immediately.

    Fire Services Day

    • 2. The Committee suggested further guide-lines at the second meeting; fourth meeting; fifth meeting at which the time for celebration of the week was also changed from November to April/May: and ninth meeting, at which a slogan ‘Fire Prevention Week – 1961’ was adopted for the franking of letters at the post offices during the week.
    • 3. At their eleventh meeting, the Committee resolved that the there should be one day designated every year as ‘Fire Services Day’. They also suggested to observe that day on the 14th April each year so as to commemorate the memory of the brave firemen who lost their lives during the Dock explosion at Mumbai on 14th April, 1944 and left it to the Chairman to decide it.